Sometimes you have to be the better person.

The world is… Continue reading

Dropping offline, Seven Month USA vacation and the Meaning of life

After seven months of vacation in the states I am ready to go back to Belize. The flight back is booked. It will be good to be able to hear the Monkeys howl again.

I was actually boycotting Belize for… Continue reading

If You Are Suffering, Hopeless and in Pain…

Do not give up. Ever!

Reflections from a limo window, and dinner with an old friend.

I asked the driver to slow down as we turned down the street. As the limo drove past the convenience store, I flashed back.walking… Continue reading

The Myth of the Instant YouTube video Success.

I was on an expat forum reading about portable income opportunities for expats and Perpetual travelers and I read the thread in horror. It became clear to be that a good deal of the posters did not have a clue… Continue reading

Index to My Living in Belize as an Expat posts.

This is a quick index to most of my Belize blog posts. The good, the bad and even the ones that made people furious at me. I do not sugar coat things.

You will see I have a love-hate relationship… Continue reading

Why Belize is Not Ready for Business.

I got massive criticism on my Belize book. Seems others did not like the fact that I tell the truth about living in Belize. It is a great place to spend money and live but not a place to make… Continue reading

The Amazing power of Gratitude

I think there is power in gratitude but it is so easy to forget. So much to be thankful for in your world.  If you can just see it. Sometimes it is easy to forget when we are so involved… Continue reading

Downlaod Belize: Moving and Living

Simple go to  The update will have more experiences and less of the constantly changing Belize laws. In the second edition I am going to stress the good things of Belize more. I am not taking out the… Continue reading

Questions I Get About Living in Belize.

You said some very negative things in your Kindle book about Belize. Why do you live there?

It is funny I devote an entire chapter to outdoor activities and cover many reasons why someone would want to live in Belize.… Continue reading

Update to Belize:Moving and Living comes out soon.

I am in the process of updating Belize: Moving and Living, my Kindle book. Why?

Because it is needed. This was my first Kindle Book so I am entitled to make mistakes. Usually spelling and grammar mistakes.

Also I listen… Continue reading

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